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Vaguement La Jungle offers a project to conservatories, music schools or school orchestras. This project is based on arrangements for orchestra made by Pierre Bloch. It is divided into two stages:

- several rehearsals with the orchestra and the group, a joint performance

This project can be supported by a distribution structure, a conservatory, a music school or even a town hall,

On the right you will find pieces produced in the studio approximating symphonic interpretation.


Contact us to set up this project at home!

The project found itself very interesting  on several counts:

- the discovery by students of pieces of heritage

- the quality arrangement work carried out by Pierre Bloch

- the production by P. Bloch of Playbacks extremely  useful   to work remotely.

- the musical quality of V.L.J, his dynamism to bring the students into a generous musical relationship with the public.

Very good musical and educational experience.

I wanted to thank you both very sincerely for these great moments that you allowed us to spend with you,  the students were enchanted and I had the songs with pleasure, even jubilation, in my head for several days!

Thank you for all these arrangements, these moments of rehearsals and concerts,

well done to you 2.

See you soon, good luck until then, tres friendly,

Julien Grangeponte - flute teacher

I had the opportunity to work with the musicians of Vaguement la Jungle during the “Vaguement Symphonique” project. as part of the Chambray Festival in May (official opening ceremony of the festival and opening concert).


This show was a great success and brought together the musicians of the Municipal String Harmony of the Municipal School of Music, a lyric singer, an adult choir and Vaguement la Jungle.


I particularly appreciated the professionalism and availability of these two musicians, whether during rehearsals before the show or during the restitution day. They were able to adapt an accessible repertoire to the available orchestration and to the requests made to them.


An original musical experience to recommend!



Director of the EMM of Chambray.

Vie Violence R. Galliano - V.L.J Symphonique
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Gnossienne E. Satie - V.L.J Symphonique
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